Country singer and NFL star husband welcome baby number 3

Having a child is a very big responsibility, let alone two. But Jessie James Decker, the famous country singer, didn't want to stop there and gave birth to baby number three.

The Deckers are officially a family of five. Jessie took to her Instagram page on Monday, April 2, 2018, to share the amazing news with all of her fans and followers, who were eagerly waiting for the announcement.

Jessie gave birth to her and her husband's third child, Forrest Bradley Decker, on March 31, and she couldn't help but reveal how proud she was of her new little bundle of joy, as reported by E! News.

The photo depicted little Forrest lying on his mother's chest, sleeping as she sweetly looked at him. The picture was taken just a few minutes after Forrest saw the world for the first time.

The Eric & Jessie stars believe that they have reached the perfect number of children, considering that they won't go for a fourth one. Forrest will now be joining his 4-year-old sister, Vivianne Rose, and 2-year-old brother, Eric Jr.

According to the source, the reason why the couple decided to stop at three was that they felt they weren't cut out for it, adding that there was nothing wrong in having more than three children.

Two days before going into labor, Jessie shared one last photo of her big baby bump with her legion of fans, asking them to wish her luck. The country singer documented her whole pregnancy on her Instagram page.

As reported by E! News, in February, she confessed that she was having trouble with the pregnancy, especially when it came to sleeping. Due to Forrest's strong hiccups and low position, she found it very hard to be comfortable enough to fall asleep.

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